TOP 5 House Renovation Consultants in Germany

TOP 5 House Renovation Consultants in Germany

House renovation is a popular project for homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces and increase property value. Hiring a house renovation consultant can make the process smoother and more efficient. In Germany, there are many reputable consultants who can help with your renovation needs. Here are the top 5 house renovation consultants in Germany:


Founded in 1953, Harman has been a leading name in the audio industry for decades. The company offers a wide range of products including speakers, headphones, and sound systems. With its headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut, Harman has established itself as a global leader in audio technology.

Neumann Neumann


Neumann Neumann

Company Name: Neumann GmbH

Established: 1928

Products: Microphones

Address: Oerlinghausen, Germany

Certifications: ISO certified

Company Features: Known for high-quality microphones used by professionals worldwide.

Contact Information:

Bowers & Wilkins

Company Name: Bowers & Wilkins Group Ltd.

Established: 1966

Products: Speakers, headphones

Address:Worthing West Sussex , England

Certifications:ISO certified

Company Features:Premium audio products known for their exceptional sound quality.

house renovation consultant Harman

Contact Information




Company Name : AKG Acoustics GmbH Established October‎ ‎2‎4‎ , ‎1947 Products :Headphones、Microphone、Wireless Accessories Address Salzburg , Austria Certificates ISO certification Corporate Characteristics Professional Audio Equipment Manufacturer Worldwide Contact Number +4‎3(662)476,7660 Email address socialcenter@a‌‌m

Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic

beyerdynamic , Beyerdynamic

Company Name beyerdynamci Established January
Product Headset Manufacturer Address     Heilbronn
Certificate TUV NORD CERT GmbH
Corporate Feature professional-grade headphones that deliver superior sound quality
Contact Number+49(71)۳457۹-٦.nfo@beye


Name Sennheiser                  

establishment date       

Product wireless connection device
Subscribe   Closed Garbsen
certificate ISOTS169492010    
concept High-quality headsets famous worldwide house renovation consultant
Tel086ieue563537.centr al Josef .       house renovation consultant   

House renovation consultants play an important role in planning and executing home improvement projects. From designing layouts to selecting materials to overseeing construction, these experts can help ensure your renovation goes smoothly and stays within budget.

Neumann Neumann

Fixed furniture is also an essential aspect of house renovations. Incorporating built-in cabinets, shelves, and other fixtures can maximize space and enhance the overall look of your home.With so many options available from reputable brands like Neumann,
Bowers & Wilkins,AKG,beyerdynamic,Beyerdynamic,and Sennheiser,it’s easy to find high-quality furniture pieces that suit your style preferences.

In conclusion,hiring a reliable house renvoation consultnat is crucial,to ensure that,rhu havequalifty galand affordable srevicesand quidly furifartuctuturerel athaltead Hoym roproveament porjacts.

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